Development Services


We have proven experience and strengths in consulting and architecture in multi-platform and multi-vendor environments. We help you to develop new applications, implement packaged solutions, integrate disparate systems and define and implement access to applications and back-end systems through e-services over different channels.


We have experience in planning, constructing, integrating and maintaining heterogeneous enterprise applications in large and complex environments. Our solutions are designed for easier and better application manageability and optimized for storage management.


We work with you to define the best solution, and select or develop the application that best suits your requirements and fully exploits the value of current applications and platforms, covering:


  • - requirements analysis
  • - design
  • - development
  • - integration
  • - support & maintenance


We help you protect your current investments through migration and re-engineering of legacy applications. Our business integration group delivers solutions that integrate internal and external systems and applications on different platforms, and that guarantee data integrity, unlimited scalability and high performance.


For years working with the NGO sector, we have been implmented many successful Service Operation Management System (SOMS) for the major NGOs in Hong Kong.  The major features of our SOMS solutions are:


  • - Membership Registration and Management
  • - Case Management
  • - Activity Management
  • - Attendance Management
  • - Carer/Staff Management
  • - Schedule Management
  • - Roster Management
  • - Meal Management
  • - Transportation Management
  • - Volunteer Management
  • - OP/PT/CP/ST Management
  • - Special Education Management
  • - Payment and Receipt Management
  • - Online Payment Gateway Management
  • - Data Communication to the Head Quarter Finance System
  • - and most important: SIS Report and other Statistical Reports Automatic Generation!


Some of our successful NGO customers:


  • - Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
  • - Lok Sin Tong
  • - Hong Chi Association
  • - Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service
  • - Hong Kong Arts Development Council


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It's time to get creative. Web design is not just marking something look good - It is an art and a science, where form meets function. Our designers work alongside your team to create a stunning visual display for your website and deliver the most of your product and services to the public.


Some of our loyal and successful customers:



Exzellenz Verdon Ltd.



TWGHs CookEasy



TWGHs Temple and Ritualistic Services



TWGHs Rinato Eco Floral Shop



TWGHs Even Centre



TWGHs Prestige Care Services for the Elderly



TWGHs Lucina Laam Ho Kindergarten



Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service



Yan Oi Tong



YOT Chong Sok Un Medical Fund (cancer aid)






Healthy Mothers-to-be Association Ltd (Social Enterprise)



Wellness Programme



Hong Kong College of Surgical Nursing


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In this digital age, when people freely access the internet using their mobile phones and tablets, it is important to ensure your brand's online presence. We specialize in developing cross-platform websites, mobile apps and mobile websites, delivering your product and services with perfect user experience and functionality that is compatible with almost all mobile devices.


Some of our successful Mobile APP deployment:


  • - TWGHs Volunteer Application
  • - TWGHs vTalk (Video Conference Apps)
  • - TWGHs NS Parent Apps
  • - Lok Sin Tong
  • - Easy Flag Day
  • - EasySchool


For more information, please kindly contact our Sales representatives by Whatsapp +85254839525 or click HERE.